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Yun Mao Tong Platform

Yunmaotong, a one-stop cross-border supply chain service platform with customs clearance as its core competence, integrates customs clearance, foreign trade, freight forwarding, warehousing & distribution, cross-border e-commerce, information technology and consulting services. It has more than 20 years of supply chain management experience, relying on Internet technology and resource integration capabilities, and helps import and export enterprises nationwide and even global to find suitable service provider resources on the platform, so as to reduce the cost of enterprises. Low supply chain costs, control foreign trade risks, enhance global market competitiveness, and promote trade facilitation. Over the years, the cloud trade platform expert team has been deeply rooted in the construction of one-stop cross border supply chain service platform. With the forward-looking perspective and technology, it has continuously explored and upgraded, accumulated excellent reputation in the industry and customers, and will continue to promote the construction of channel supply chain and build, build, share and win together in the era of "one belt and one road" and Global trade convenience. Supply chain ecosphere, peer with global import and export enterprises, truly achieve openness, cooperation and win-win situation!

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