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MBA, Specialist of Customs Declaration, CEO of Shanghai Oujian Network Development Group Co., Ltd. Worked in customs for several years,Focus on Customs Business Consulting, Risk Management and Tax Dispute. Years of experience in customs clearance, extensive experience in corporate compliance management. Corporate Compliance Design under the New Customs Integration Policy

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General Manager of Shanghai Customs Clearance Head Office, Deputy Director of Shanghai Pudong New District Customs Declaration Center, Expert of the Writing Group of “Customs Declarer Test”. He has been engaged in customs declaration for more than 20 years. He has a deep research in customs practice and foreign trade. Rich teaching experience and theory combined with practice. In particular, he has many successful experiences and skills in handling import and export problems. A comprehensive lecturer who can fully integrate import and export trade and customs declaration business.

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MBA, Vice President of Shanghai Oujian Networkk Development Group Co., Ltd., Member of the Expert Group of Shanghai Customs College, Senior Trainer of Customs Affairs and Member of the WCO World Customs Organization Cross-Border Trade Group. She commitments to the summary and dissemination of customs management laws. Provided training and trade compliance consulting for customs clearance of import and export goods for many Fortune 500 companies and foreign chambers of commerce.

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General Manager of Shanghai Hubtrade International Trading Co., Ltd., Co-founder of Yun Tongguan System. She helped many international companies achieve paperless customs clearance and improve customs clearance efficiency. She also has a deep understanding of how customs companies use information and paperless to build core competitiveness. In 2014, she began to build a trade and trade cross-border e-commerce platform, stepped into cross-border trade and cross-border e-commerce research and practice, and hoped to create new value in the traditional trade field.

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General Manager of Shanghai Xinhai Supply Chain Development Co., Ltd., Served as Manager of Planning Department, Manager of subsidiaries and in charge of Yi Jingtong Platform. Graduated from Shanghai Fudan University, has 12 years of professional experience in customs declaration, 7 years of teaching experience in commodity classification, provided the internal training for the following customers: METTLER TOLEDO, Schindler Elevator, Bosch (China)……

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Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Xinhai Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd. Responsible for quality control at the same time. 20 years of professional experience in export customs declaration. Consultant of Shanghai World Expo Customs in 2010, National Excellent Classifier. With 9 years of professional teaching experience. She has the rich experience in logistics solution planning, quality control, tax planning, etc.

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The first batch of classifier of China Customs Association, General Manager of Shanghai Keyue Information Technology Co., Ltd. Served as Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Xinhai Customs Clearance Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd. Familiar with various customs and commodity inspection policies and regulations, proficient in customs classification, customs clearance systems and procedures, customs and origin management.

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Graduated from University Of International Business And Economics, Customs Management MBA. With 20 years professional customs experience, Customs Affairs Consultant of Shanghai World Expo Customs in 2010. Expert in customs risk prevention and control, internal audit, customs planning and compliance management. More than 15 years of rich experience in customs affairs, has done FTA tax preferential planning and consulting services for nearly 100 companies.

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Bachelor degree, master of business administration. More than 10 years of experience, the current Shanghai Xin Hai customs clearance department manager, excellent clearance training center lecturer, good at pre classified subjects training.

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Bachelor degree, 9 years in the field of customs declaration, the incumbent Shanghai Xin Hai customs declaration Co., Ltd. Pre-Classification Department Deputy Manager, excellent clearance training center lecturer, good at pre classified subjects training

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Manager of Shanghai Jihao Business Consulting Co., Ltd., with 15 years professional customs clearance experience. Proficient in the regulations and procedures for compulsory product certification of inspection and quarantine institutions in Shanghai. Provided training service for following customers: Kodak, UPM, Albatross, AmCham…….