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Storage Warehouse Service In China Commodity Classification – Oujian

Before the actual import and export of goods, the relevant persons of import and export business can apply in writing and provide the materials needed for commodity classification, and entrust the pre-categorization consulting enterprises 1.Reduce trade risks (with the wrong HS Code the goods would be detained by the customs authority) 2.Improve the accuracy of product cost budgets 3.Reduce logistics costs 4.Lower the violation risks 5.Improve enterprise customs clearance efficiency 6.Enhance the predictability of enterprises' import and export trade and help prevent customs enforcement risks. 1.First Prize of the 2017 National Import and Export Commodity Classification Skills Competition Team Competition 2."Mao Xiaoxiao Classification Studio" under Oujian has a national ranking of No. 1 in commodity classification service. 3.In 2017, the pre- classification services are nearly 670,000, ranking No.1 nationwide.

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