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Shipping Container From China Further Deepened Reform Measures for Cross-border Trade and Business Environment in Major Chinese Ports – Oujian

Under special circumstances, the Chinese Customs issued policies to speed up the resumption of production and work for all enterprises. All kinds of deferred policies: deferred payment of taxes, extension of time limit for business declaration, application to the customs for relief of delayed payment for deferred declaration , extension of validity period of manual (account) books, and customs tariff investigation   Implement Simplified Documents In order to continuously optimize the business environment at ports and promote the  high-quality development of Shanghai's cross-border trade, Shanghai Customs has decided to further clarify the documents attached to the simplified customs declaration form. Beijing  Customs and Guangzhou Customs also announced in February this year about the implementation of simplifying the documents attached to customs declaration forms.   Implementation Plan of Shanghai Port Special Action to Optimize Cross-border Trade and Business Environment in 2020 Summary: At present, all major districts have introduced convenient measures suitable for their own development situation amid pandemic. This issue introduces Shanghai’s further implementation plan for 2020.   In order to thoroughly implement the State Council’s “Work Plan for Optimizing the Port Business Environment and Promoting Cross-border Trade Facilitation”and the spirit of document No.1 [2020] issued by Shanghai Municipal Committee General Office and Shanghai Municipal Government General Office, accelerate the establishment of a legal, international and convenient port business environment and promote the high-quality development of cross­ border trade, the “Measures for Further Deepening Cross-border Trade Business Environment Reform at Shanghai  Port”jointly formulated by the Municipal Commerce Commission,  Shanghai Customs, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Transportation Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Shanghai Tax Bureau is divided into five ports.   l Promote the ”two-step declaration" customs clearance mode for imported goods l [Announcement [2019] No.216] l Improving the Coverage of Export Goods ”declare in advance” l [Announcement of Shanghai Customs on Trial Implementation of ”declare in advance, Arrival l Inspection and Release" Customs Clearance Mode in Waigaoqiao Port Area] l Further Promote Paperless Supervision Documents in Port Links l [Notice of Shanghai Customs on Simplifying Matters Related to Documents Attached to Customs Declaration Form] etc. l Optimizing ”Fault Tolerance Mechanism” for Enterprises l [Specific Measures for Shanghai Customs to Further Optimize the Business Environment at Ports. Establishment of ”declare in advance" Fault Tolerance Mechanism] l Optimization of Inspection Accompanying Mechanism l [Shanghai Customs No.1 of 2020] etc. l Reasonable Optimization of Control Instruction Setting for Standard Products l Further standardize port-related charges and publish them through official channels. l Implemented Port Construction Fees Retained Part of The Refund Policy   To Carry Out The ”Export Direct Loading”and ”Import Direct Lifting” Port Operation Mode Pilot   On February 21 , 2020 , the ”Shanghai Port Group’s Announcement on Launching Pilot Projects of' Import Direct Lifting ”and”Export Direct Loading ”of Foreign Trade Containers" was issued to start the pilot projects.   Promote the -Application of ”Auto Parts Automatic Assistant Declaration System''   T he ”Auto Parts Automatic Assistant Declaration System" developed by Shanghai Customs has been put into trial operation on September 16 , 2019 and has been extended to 10 auto parts import customs areas across the country.   Speeding up the Establishment of Port Inspection Platform   Combined with the customs ”check 4 system” deployment  requirements , in the continuous advance     Simplify Shipping Logistics Documentation Procedures   Simplifying shipping and logistics documents through a single window of international trade has sorted out requirements and entered the system  development stage. Most shipping companies have cancelled documents such as power of attorney for changing orders. The municipal tax  bureau and the harbour group have already made a plan docking on the electronic value-added tax invoice in the dock operation receipt.

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