The List of Related Goods from China

Commodity Code U.S. Tax Item Provisions Chinese Commodity Code
8412.39.0080 Direct acting and spring return pneumatic actuators, each rated at a maximum pressure of 10 bar and valued over $68 but not over $72 per unit  


Pump casings and bodies, Pump covers, Pump parts, of plastic search valued not over $3  
8414.30.8030 Compressors, other than screw type, used in air conditioning equipment in motor vehicles, each valued over $88 but not over $92 per unit  
8514.90.8000 Structural components for industrial furnaces  
8532.22.0085 Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, each valued not over $3.20  
8536.50.9025 Rotary switches, rated at over 5 A, measuring not more than 5.5 cm by 5.0 cm by 3.4 cm, each with 2 to 8 spade terminals and an actuator shaft with D-shaped cross section;

Rotary switches, single pole, single throw (SPST), rated at over 5 A, each measuring not

more than 14 .6 cm by 8.9 cm by 14.1 cm

8543 .30.9080 Zinc anodes for use with machines and apparatus for electroplating, electrolysis or electrophoresis  
9015 .80.8080 Weather station sets, each consisting of a monitoring display and outdoor weather sensors, having a transmission range of not over 140 m and valued not over $50 per set  
9022.90.6000 Multi-leaf collimators of radiotherapy systems based on the use of X ray