Tariff Adjustment Scheme in 2021 & Analysis on Adjustment of Tariff Items

Pay attention to people’s hvel1hood and pay more attention to environmental
To implement zero tariffs or reduce import tariffs on some medicines, medical devices, infant milk powder, etc.
Reducing import tariffs on diesel engine exhaust filtering and purifying devices, exhaust    gas recirculation valves, etc., At the same time, the temporary tax on the import of solid waste such as metal scrap will be abolished.

Promote the development of key technologies
To reduce import tariffs on fuel cell circulation pump, aluminum silicon carbide substrate, arsenic and other new infrastructure or high­tech industry required part of the equipment, parts, raw materials

Encourage the import of some resource products
Reduce import tax on wood and paper products, non-alloy nickel, un-forged niobium, etc.

Promote aviation development and promote the high-quality development of “the belt and road initiative”
A lower import tax on aviation equipment such as fuel pumps for aircraft engines. The implementation of the agreed tax rate on some goods originating in the relevant countries or regions.