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License Approval

National Health and Health Commission < No.9, 2020 >

Announcement on 15 kinds of “Three New Foods” such as cicada flower fruiting body (Artificial Cultivation) approved three kinds of cicada flower fruiting body., sodium hyaluronate and Lacto bacillus mareri  subspecies  as  new  foo d   raw   materials  according  to  the  provisions  of  Food Safety  Law.  In addition,  the  announcement  also  app roved  five  new  varieties  of  food  additives  such as   13-amy lase,   nitrous   oxide ,  vitamin   K2,   Dawagum,   sodium   alginate   (also   known   as   sodium alginate ),  and  1,3,5-  tris  (2,2-  dimethy lpropionamide)  benzene,   C.I.  pigment  red  101,  magnesium hydroxide,   hydrated   magnesium  aluminate  carbonate,  polycyclic  octene,   1,3;  7  new  varieties  of foo d-related  products , such as  polymer  of  2- glycol, polymer  of  dimethyl 1,4- phthalate  and  sebacicacid , polymer  of 2,2-dimethyl-1,3- propanediol  and  1,2- glycol.

Shanghai COVID epidemic prevention and control working group <shanghai pneumonia prevention and control office [2021]>

Notice on Printing and Distributing the Plan for  Implementing Appointment Management of  Imported Cold Chain Food Picking  Up from Port to Cold Storage at  the  First  Storage Point, before picking  up the goods, enterprises need  to  make an appointment for the cold  storage  at  the  first storage  point, and  confirm  the  time  for  picking up  boxes  according  to  the appointment prompt.  The notice  will  be put into t rial o peration from January 11 to  January  15. From 0: 00 on  January  15, the  application for taking delivery  without  reservation will not be accepted  by  the port area.

Customs Clearance

The Ministry  of  Ecology  and Environment, the  National  Development and  Reform Commission, the  Ministry  of  Industry  and Information Technology  of  the  Ministry  of

Commerce , and  the  General Administration of  Customs jointly  issued  < No.78  of 2020>

Announcement on  Regulating  the  Import  Management  of  Recycled  Iron  and  Steel  Raw  Materials, since  January   1,  202 1,  the   Recycled   Iron  and  Steel  Raw  Materials   that   meet  the   standards of Recycled   Iron   and   Steel   Raw   Mate rials   ( GB/T   39733-2020 )   are   not   solid   wastes   and   can   be imported  freely.  Import is prohibited  if  it does  not  meet the  national standards .