Shanghai international trade ”single window” declare appointment function is released

The “Customs Clearance Appointment ” mentioned in the Announcement No. 109 (2018) of the General Administration of Customs (Announcement on “Internet + Customs Clearance Appointment”)means that if an enterprise needs to go through customs clearance procedures outside the normal office hours of the customs , it can make an appointment with the customs for customs clearance; There are requirements for the goods to be accepted and the application time, which are obviously different from the “single window” “advance declaration”.
l Requirements on enterprise qualification for declare appointment: unlimited, applicable to any enterprise
l Requirements on import goods for declare appointment: unlimited, applicable to any goods.
l Advantages of declare appointment: declaration enterprises can reserve customs declaration through the “single window” declaration system of Shanghai international trade under the condition that other declaration information is complete but manifest information is not yet available, thus avoiding the time of waiting for and searching for manifests.