Relationship between RCEP’s ”Administrative Measures for Approved Exporters” and AEO certification enterprises

High-recognition enterprises enjoy the mutual recognition facilities of AEO internationally, i.e. they can also enjoy the recognition of foreign enterprises in the countries where the goods are shipped or arrived, and can enjoy the customs clearance facilities of the countries or regions where the goods are mutually recognized.
Apply to become A EO enterprise


Article 24 of Order No .237 of the General Administration of Customs
Or enterprises are included in the database of approved exporters of exporting parties
Exporters, manufacturers, goods for the record
For the goods exported or produced by the approved  exporter , after filing with the competent customs the Chinese and English names of the goods, the 6-digit codes of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, the applicable preferential trade  agreements , the contracting parties and other relevant information, the approved exporter may issue a declaration of origin for the goods  in the  same situation within the validity period determined by the approved exporter
Issue a declaration of origin
If the goods information is filed in advance, the declaration of origin can be issued directly, but the risk of judging whether the goods belong to “the same situation” is borne by the enterprise itself. In order to prevent the enterprise from making mistakes and violating regulations, it is suggested to increase  the  consultation  procedures  of  the enterprise to the customs.