Precautions for Import Disinfection of Cold Chain/Non-cold Chain Commodities


For goods imported in high-risk areas, the customs shall conduct spot checks to determine the detection and disinfection objects.  Determine the destination of goods according to the test results return/sterilzation/release. The hit goods and containers need to be disinfected at the port, and the imported container goods that are not disinfected at the port link will be disinfected at the time of unloading at the subsequent link after being released according to regulations. (Please refer to Joint Epidemic Prevention and Control (2020] No .277 for details of which cases are returned and which cases are sterilized).

Container Flow Registration

Flow direction registration facilitates trace ability. Registered through Shanghai single window platform, when registering, the enterprise shall truthfully fill in the information such as owner, vehicle, driver, and the first unpacking and unloading point as required.

Appointment to Pick up

Log in to the single window of Shanghai version to make an appointment to pick up goods, and the appointment method and contents are the same as those for the suitcase of cold chain goods. After the booking of picking up is completed, the enterprise can go to the port area to handle the procedures.

Domestic Transportation Link

When the imported high-risk, non-cold chain goods are unloaded from containers and reloaded to domestic means of transport, the owner or the entrusted unloading operation unit shall organize the preventive disinfection of the imported container goods.  During the transportation of import ed container goods, the carrier shall not open the container.


The local people’s government is responsible for organizing the implementation of the inspection and preventive disinfection of imported container goods, and the local industry authorities are responsible for the inspection of container goods with in the industry. For imported high-risk, non- cold chain containers arriving at the destination, when unpacking and unloading operations, the owner or the entrusted unloading operation unit shall organize preventive disinfection of container goods.