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Other Inspection and Quarantine Policies


Announcement No.


Animal and Plant Products Access Announcement No.82 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the General Administration of Customs in 2020 Announcement on preventing sheep pox and goat pox from being introduced into china in Israel. From July 6th,2020, it is forbidden to import sheep, goats and related products directly or indirectly from Israel (products from sheep or goats that are unprocessed or processed but may still spread epidemic diseases). Once discovered, It will be returned or destroyed.


Customs Clearance No.423 (2020) of the Comprehensive Department of the State Food and Drug Administration Reply on the identification of raw materials in the newly revised Drug Administration Law and the application of relevant laws. It is clear that API is still under drug management and should comply with the provisions of Drug Administration Law. Further clarify the situations of “treating according to fake drugs” and “treating according to inferior drugs” in the management law.
License Approval Announcement No.311 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural

Affairs of the People’s Republic of


Approved 26 kinds of feed and feed additive products produced by 22 companies overseas to register or renew their registration in China, and issued import registration certificates. Approved the change registration of three products and renewed the import registration certificate. According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Circular (2020) No.1, the validity period of 28 renewed products was extended to March 2021.
Certification Supervision Announcement No.17 of 2020 of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Announcement on further clarifying the implementation requirements of compulsory certification of electrical and electronic products used in explosive environment. This announcement clarifies the certification scope and certification rules of explosion-proof electrical products. And require the certification body to cancel the issued certificate that does not meet the requirements of this announcement as soon as possible.