Notice on Supporting the Development of Import Tax Policy for Science Popularization during the “14th Five-year Plan”(2)

Import enterprises exempted from tariff and value-added tax

Science and technology museums, natural museums, planetariums (stations, stations), meteorological stations (stations), earthquake stations (stations) that are open to public, and science popularization bases that universities and scientific research institutions belong to that are open to the outside world.

Duty-free Products

Commodities included in the list of duty-free imported commodities related to popular science films and television worlds (version 2021) and self-used popular science instruments and equipment, popular science exhibits, popular science special software and other popular science articles that cannot be produced in China or Whose performance cannot meet the demand (approved, adjusted and announced by the Ministry of Science and Technology together with relevant departments).

Customs Supervision

The import entity shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the customs, go through the formalities of tax reduction and exemption for the import goods.

Implementations of list of enterprises meeting the requirements

Ministry of Science and Technology and others will take the lead in approving the list of enterprises that meet the tax reduction and exemption requirements and notify the customs.