New Paperless Platform for Customs Inspection Q&A


Uniqueness of input platform

  • Enterprises in various regions must declare through the “single window” of international trade when applying for paperless documents accompanying entry-

exit inspection and quarantine and paperless documents accompanying exit packaging. Customs declaration through other channels will not be accepted.


How to enable the application

  • It is necessary to bind the registration number of the inspection unit of the enterprise in the “Enterprise Qualification” module of a single window. If it is not bound, the new paperless platform function cannot be used.


How to initiate the cancellation function

  • This function has not been developed yet in the new platform. If an enterprise needs to cancel a customs document, it should contact the relevant customs departments of each customs area and handle it offline.


Is it available to upload the attached documents multiple time

  • Yes. Enterprises can add electronic document declaration and re-enter the same inspection lot number to upload attachment declaration.


If the two-step declaration does not return the inspection number, how can the enterprise upload the accompanying documents of inspection and quarantine?

  • Enterprises can log in to a single window paperless inspection and quarantine-electronic document declaration-other electronic declaration document.