Introduction to New Functions of Single Window

Auxiliary input function of import and export commodity declaration elements

In the trial operation stage, the General Administration of Customs has realized auxiliary functions for commodities in chapters 1-11 of the tariff. When enterprises fill in the report, they only need to select suitable items in the pop­ up drop-down menu box, so as to avoid from missing a certain element when reporting. At the same time, the system entry interface retains the declaration elements of the actual situation of goods entered by the original declaration method.

Permit for import and export of narcotic drugs in single window, the above permit can be applied online

Login authorization is required when using: if there is an existing SFDA system account, you can directly log in for authorization and bind it with the original account password Single window standard version application-license­ narcotic drug import and export permit.


Sy stem function adjustment will be open and transparent. You can view it in “Single Window Standard Edition Application-Goods Declaration-Version Description”.

Information system of pre-shipment inspection, supervision and management of imported used mechanical and electrical products

The consignee or consignor of imported used mechanical and electrical products or their agents and pre-shipment inspection institutions shall carry out pre-shipment inspection and record management related work through this system.

Single window login-application of standard version-inspection and quarantine-inspection supervision and management of imported used mechanical and electrical products before


Registration certificate of imported medical devices

The first and second points are the same as the Permit for Import and Export of Narcotic Drugs. Single window standard version application-license­ record/registration of imported medical devices.