Interpretation: Announcement on Matters Related to Electronic Networking of Origin between China and Indonesia

The brief content of the announcement is to further facilitate the compliant customs clearance of goods under the FTA. Since October 15, 2020, the “China-Indonesia Electronic Information   Exchange System of Origin” has been officially put into operation, and the electronic data of certificate of origin and mobile certificate under the Framework Agreement of China-ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Cooperation is transmitted with Indonesia in real time.

Applicable Certificated of Origin Type

l  Certificate of origin issued by Indonesia

l  Mobile Certificate issued by Indonesia

Filling Specification in Networking Mode

Fill in the report in accordance with requirements of the General Administration of Customs Announcement No.51 of 2016; There is no need to fill in the electronic data of the certificate of origin and the commitments of direct transportation rules, and there is no need to upload the certificate of origin by electronic means.

Specification for Reporting in Non-networking Mode

Fill in the report in accordance, with the requirements of the General  Administration of Customs Announcement No.67 of 2017; Enter the electronic information of the   certificate of origin and the commitments of direct transport rules through the Declaration System of Origin Elements of Professional Trade Agreements”, and upload the certificate of origin documents electronically. 

Transitional Period

From October15, 2020 to December 31, 2021. The import enterprise can choose the    two mode to declare according to the actual situation.