Ge Jizhong, the Chairman of Oujian Group was Invited by General Administration of Customs to Participate the Webinar

On the afternoon of April 2, 2020, the General Administration of Customs held an online interview on the portal website of China Customs on the theme of Cooperation between Customs Enterprises and Victory of Epidemic Diseases”.  Jianming Shen, Party Committee  Member  and  Deputy  Commissioner  of Wuhan Customs; Liu Bo, Party Committee Member and Deputy Commissioner of Shanghai Customs;  Xu Guang ‘an, member of the Guangzhou  Customs Party Committee and deputy commissioner, participated in the interview as a guest and shared with netizens the measures taken by the national customs to fully ensure the clearance of anti-epidemic materials in the fight against the ”epidemic” of newly crowned pneumonia And specially invited Ge Jizhong, Chairman of Oujian Group Sun Xun, Chief Executive Officer of International Business of  Shunfeng  Express  Company  Limited;  Peng Min, General  Manager  of  Hubei Jinjiang  Customs Declaration  Company;   Li Haifeng,  senior vice president  of  Fosun  Group;   Lin  Dao,  general  manager  of  China Southern Airlines Guangzhou  Baiyun  International Logistics Co., Ltd , was the five guests who participated in the interview as representatives of logistics and customs declaration enterprises to tell the story of the whole country’s unity, unity of customs and enterprises, and joint efforts to fight against the epidemic. This interview was presided over by Zhou Qun, the general office of the General Administration of Customs.  In the form of live teletext online communication was conducted with the vast number of netizens on relevant topics. Ge Dong also answered questions raised by netizens online.