Further Rules for Import Tax of Major Technical Equipment

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At present, the catalogue revised in 2019 shall prevail (notice on adjusting the relevant catalogue of import tax policies for major technical equipment), namely, the catalogue of major technical equipment and products supported by the state (revised in 2019), and the import of major technical equipment and products. Parts and raw materials catalogue (revised in 2019) and the catalogue of major technical equipment and products that are not duty-free for import (revised in 2019).

Explanation of Exemption from Import Taxes and Fees

Since January 1,2020,domestic enterprises that meet the prescribed conditions need to import the goods listed in the Catalogue of Key Components and Raw Materials for Import of Major Technical Equipment and Products (Revised in 2019) in order to produce the equipment or products listed in the Catalogue of Major Technical Equipment and Products Supported by the State, and are exempt from customs duties and import value-added tax.

If the implementation period is listed in the above catalogue, the tax-free implementation period of relevant equipment, products, spare parts and raw materials shall end on December 31st of that year.

Not Exempted Circumstances

For the following projects and enterprises approved after January 1, 2020 (including January 1) and enjoying preferential import tax policies in accordance with or in accordance with the relevant provisions of GF [1997] No.37, the import of self-use equipment listed in the Catalogue of Imported Major Technical Equipment and Products Not Exempted from Duty (Revised in 2019) and the technology, supporting parts and spare parts imported with the above equipment according to the contract shall be subject to import tax according to regulations : domestic investment projects encouraged by the state and foreign investment  Foreign government loans and loans from international financial organizations; Processing trade enterprises that provide imported equipment at no price by foreign investors; Foreign-invested advantageous industrial projects in the central and western regions; Foreign invested enterprises and research centers set up by foreign investors, as stipulated in the Notice of the General Administration of Customs on Further Encouraging Foreign Investment on Import Tax Policies, use their own funds to carry out technological transformation projects.