Draft for Soliciting Opinions of Toothpaste Supervision and Management Measures

Classification Catalogue of Toothpaste Efficacy

Function: The permitted scope of claims in the catalogue should be consistent with the claims of toothpaste efficacy, and claims should not be suspected of exaggeration.

Naming Requirements of Toothpaste

If toothpaste naming involves efficacy claims, the product shall have actual efficacy consistent with the naming content, and the efficacy claims shall not exceed the allowable claims determined by the efficacy classification catalogue.

Efficacy Evaluation

There should be sufficient scientific basis for claiming the efficacy of toothpaste. Except for basic cleaning types, toothpaste with other functions should be evaluated according to the specified requirements. After the efficacy evaluation according to the national and industrial standards, it can be claimed that toothpaste has the efficacy of preventing caries, inhibiting dental plaque, resisting dentin sensitivity, relieving gum problems, etc. Efficacy evaluation should be completed before filing.

Punishment Situation

Selling, trading or importing unregistered toothpaste Failing to use toothpaste raw materials in accordance with mandatory national standards, technical specifications and toothpaste used raw materials catalogue.

Product naming or labeling claims to be illegal Failure to evaluate the efficacy as required If the record holder fails to publish the summary of the efficacy evaluation report, he shall be punished according to the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics.