Description of Update of Origin Declaration System

Adjustment of pre-recorded rules of import preferential origin information

According to Announcement  No.34 of the  General Administration  of Customs  in 2021 , since  May 10, 2021, the requirements for filling in and reporting the origin column of import and export goods declaration forms  under  preferential trade agreements  have been adjusted.

Matters needing attention in declaration

•The original “accompanying documents” column is not pre-recorded with the code “Y” and the certificate of origin number.

•For each commodity, fill in the column headed

“Preferential Trade Agreement Benefits”. If no benefits are involved, click “Cancel Benefits.”

•One declaration can only correspond to one certificate/declaration of origin.

From May 10th, the new comprehensive service platform of origin was launched

Log in to “Single Window”-Origin Module-”Certificate of Origin Integrated Service Platform”

1. The new system can query historical data and handle new business

2. When applying for the certificate of origin from the customs through the “Internet + Customs” integration platform, the “single window” of China’s international trade, the “single window” import client and other official customs declaration channels, if there is any abnormal declaration of the certificate or abnormal receipt reception, the customer service hotline 95198 or 12360 can be called in time.