China’s Export Control Law

The Export Control Law of the People’s Republic of China was officially implemented on December 1, 2020. It took more than three years from drafting to formal promulgation. In the future, China’s export control pattern will be reshaped and led by the Export Control Law, which, together with the Regulations on the List of Unreliable Entities, will protect national security at the overall level of the new round of global import and export trends.

Scope of controlled goods
1. Dual-use items, which refer to goods, technologies and services that have both civil and military uses or help to enhance military potential, especially those. That can be. Used to design, develop produce or use. Weapons of mass destruction.
2. Military product, which refer to equipment, special production equipment and other related goods, technologies and services used for military purpose.
3. Nuclear, which refer to nuclear materials, nuclear equipment, non-nuclear materials for reactors. And related technologies and services.

What are the control measures in the Export Control Law?

List Management
According to the export control policy, the state export control administration    department shall, together with relevant departments, formulate and adjust the export control list of controlled items in accordance with the prescribed procedures, and publish it   in a timely manner. Export operators should apply for permission before exporting.

Control measures except the list
Knowing that there may be goods, technologies and services that endanger national security, are used for the design, development, production or use of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, and are used for terrorist purposes, other than the controlled items listed in the export control list and the temporarily controlled items, the exporter shall also apply to the state export control administration department for permission.

Submit user and usage documents
The relevant certification documents shall be issued by the end user or the government agency of the country and region where the end user is located. If an exporter or importer finds that the end user or the end use may change, it shall immediately report to the State Administration of Export Control in accordance with the regulations.

First-line exit is applicable
This Law is applicable to the transit, transshipment, general transportation and re-export of controlled items, or to overseas export from special customs supervision areas such as   bonded areas and export supervision warehouses and bonded logistics centers.