Chairman Ge Jizhong of Oujian Group was Elected as Chairman of China Customs Brokers Association

On  the  morning  of April  10,  2020,the fourth  session  of the  fourth  Council of  the  China customs declaration  association  was  successfully  held in the  form  of  an  online  meeting  with  nearly  1,000 participants. Representatives of the meeting discussed the “Report on the Wo k of the Fourth Council of the China Customs Declaration Association” and the proposals of the relevant meetings, and voted through online submission of opinions and online anonymous live voting. Zhu Gaozhang was elected vice chairman of China Customs Declaration Association.   Bai Fengchuan was elected executive vice president of China Customs Association. Xinhai s chairman Ge Jizhong was elected president of China Customs Association in 2020.

President Ge said that he would fulfill his duty with all his effort, take over the “baton” of the former president, and strive to do a good job in 2020. A sudden outbreak of new coronal pneumonia in 2020 has brought serious impact on China’s economic development and people’s lives, especially on China’s import and export trade.  In his speech,  he stress创 that in the new year,  he should innovate his working ideas and strive to promote the integrity and self-discipline of  customs declaration associations.  To strengthen the study and discussion, consolidate the achievements of development and reform; To strengthen internal and external exchanges and cooperation, expand the service function of customs declaration business construction.  We must unswervingly hold high great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, link reality with do not forget your initiative mind, blaze new trails, forge ahead and work hard to promote the healthy development of the customs declaration industry.