Announcement on Tariff Adjustment in 2019

On January 15, Shanghai Xinhai Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Council for the Promotion of International Trade jointly held a publicity conference on relevant matters needing attention after the tariff adjustment and 2019 system adjustment. Wu Xia, senior lecturer of Shanghai Tianhai Consort Customs Management Consulting Co., Ltd., visited the site and shared the contents of the tariff adjustment, helped the enterprise to have a thorough understanding of the reasons, background and impact of the adjustment and revision, and also shared and explained the difficulties encountered in the customs clearance process, so that the enterprise can make the declaration of compliance, make the customs clearance faster and make the customs clearance quality higher.

Announcement on Tariff Adjustment in 2019-01

Commodity classification is closely related to taxes faced by enterprises in import and export. MFN tariff will implement provisional import tariff on 706 commodities from January 1, 2019. From July 1, 2019, the provisional import tariff on 14 information technology products will be abolished and the scope of application of one provisional import tariff will be narrowed.

It also explained the tariff quota rate, agreement rate, CEPA origin standard, import and export provisional tax rate adjustment and interpretation of the latest declaration elements adjustment, informing enterprises to timely grasp the policy changes of customs commodity classification, which is conducive to enterprises to make classification adjustment more accurately, avoid tax risks, reduce enterprise costs and facilitate customs clearance.

Announcement on Tariff Adjustment in 2019-02