2020 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition” was held by CCBA & Oujian Group in Chongqing

On November 22, the CCBA held the final of the “2020 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition “Keyue E-Tongguan” 2nd National Customs Declaration and International Freight Vocational Skills Competition” in Chongqing. The theme of this competition is: “New Era, New Skills, New Dreams”.

In this match, 145 teams entered the final. This competition is launched in the form of tender documents, requiring customs declaration companies to fully understand the origin, foreign trade mode, freight forwarding, production cycle and cross-border supply chain cooperation, as well as the customs clearance policies of various countries.

On the morning of November 22nd, 145 teams will compete on the computer first. According to the score ranking, 8 teams will enter the afternoon national finals. Finally, after fierce competition, two teams from Oujian Group, and Fanya International Freight Limited Company won the first prize.