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Fta Import Tax In China Tips on the COVID-19 Prevention at the Workplace – Oujian

 1、On Your Way to Work -  Wearing mask -  Of course you can drive to work, but you can also try to go to work on foot or by bike -  Keep 1 to 2 meters from each other on public transportation    2、Arriving at the Office - Take the stairs, if possible - If you have to take the elevator,wear a mask and avoid touching items in the elevator   3、In the Office - Keep wearing a mask   - Disinfect public areas and objects each day - Frequently open windows and ventilate the air - Switch off central air-conditioning or switch to fresh mode - Use online communication tool; Hold video conferences in stead of face-to-face meetings   4、Mealtime - Avoid peak hours for dining - Avoid sitting face-to-face with others - The main transmission route is by droplets,and possibly through contact. - Ask for takeout, if it is possible or even home made lunch. - Washing hands can reduce risk of contact transmission before and after meal. - Chances of contamination are higher if people do not wash their hands after touching objects,as it’s possible they could be infected by rubbing their eyes or scratching their nose and mouth.    5、After Work - Do not attend parties or Group activities. - Do not go to cinemas, karaoke bars or malls.