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Forwarding Company From China Tax Planning for FTA & C/O – Oujian

1.With the continuous development of FTA, China has signed Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with many countries. How can enterprises fully enjoy the tax reduction and exemption brought by FTA when importing and exporting goods? 2."Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement", "China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement", "China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement" ... Too many Free Trade Agreements. Have our enterprises enjoyed the preferential trade facilitation measures that they should? 3.The "Country of Origin" (C/O) of import and export commodities is an essential documentation for determining whether an enterprise can enjoy the preferential tax rate of a free trade agreement.What should we do if the C/O of our commodity is unknown? 4.The products have been processed by more than one country. How should the C/O of this product be determined? E.g. Wine with French grapes, brewed in Germany and bottled in the Netherlands. How to identify the C/O? 5.The products are assembled from parts from more than one country. How should the C/O be determined? E.g.the glass of a nursing bottle is made in Germany, the plastic nipple is made in Taiwan, the sealing cap is made in South Korea, and the assembly is completed in the Free Trade Zone in China. How to identify the C/O? 6.The Chinese customs and other countries’ customs mutually enforce anti-dumping duties on some commodities. How to reasonably circumvent the rules of C/O and reduce trade costs for enterprises? In the early stage of customs clearance of imported goods, the enterprise uses the rules of C/O to determine the origin of the goods in advance. Our experts conducts full investigations and studies, and uses professional & legal tax classification changes, ad valorem percentages, manufacturing or processing procedures to accurately determine the place of origin to provide companies with compliance operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency. 1.Shorten customs clearance time and reduce customs clearance costs Pre-determining the C/O before the import and export of goods can greatly shorten the time of customs clearance, reduce the cost of customs clearance, and enjoy the convenience of customs clearance of goods. 2.Cost-saving By determining the C/O of the import and export goods in advance, the enterprise can also get the information whether it can enjoy tax benefits before the actual import and export process, and whether it involves anti-dumping, so that it can accurately predict the costs and help companies with budget planning.

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