Exports of Epidemic Prevention Materials and Sino-US Tariff Increases in May

China suspended the export of epidemic prevention materials such as masks through market procurement and trade The Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the Notice on Suspending Market Purchase and Export of Specific Epidemic Prevention Materials.  From zero o'clock on May 10, 2020, the market will be suspended from purchasing and exporting novel coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, respirators, infrared thermometers   and other medical materials and non-medical masks and other epidemic prevention materials (referred to as Class 5+1 epidemic prevention materials The General Administration of Customs has issued a list of batches of export epidemic prevention materials that are not qualified in quality and safety On may 9, the General Administration of Customs announced the list of unqualified epidemic prevention materials it had checked: http://www. customs.gov.cn/customs/xwfb34/302425/304471/index.html Notice on organizing the work of checking and confirming the list of manufacturers of epidemic prevention materials conforming to foreign standards, certification or registration All local commerce departments shall organize local epidemic prevention material production enterprises to voluntarily fill in relevant forms and submit relevant certification materials. After preliminary examination by the local commerce department in conjunction with the relevant member units of the local medical materials commercial export working mechanism, the summary table (including electronic version) will be submitted to the national medical materials commercial export working mechanism office in the name of the working mechanism office.

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