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Exporting Mask from China

(pic: Demand for mask has been soared amid coronavirus)   Currently the demand for exporting masks from China has soared. The China Customs has answered the questions in regards to mask export.   1. Premise of customs declaration for mask export The exporter should acquire registration number of consignee and consignor. Besides, the exporter should also acquire legal entity card for paperless customs clearance.   2. Qualification for mask exporter Besides the requirements for inland production and market circulation, the China Customs has no further special requirements for inland production, sale and consignor of mask export.   3. Commodity Classification of Mask Unless under special circumstances, most of  the masks should be classified with HS Code six three zero seven nine zero zero zero.   4. Quarantine of mask for export Mask doesn’t belong to legal inspection goods. Quarantine field doesn’t need to be filled out during customs declaration. According to the agreements between our government and foreign governments only to few countries, such as Iran, the masks should be quarantined before loaded.   5. Duty and tax of mask export If the mask is exported as general trade, Levy or exemption should be general tax, taxes should be levied in compliance with statutory tariff;If the mask is a donation, the inland consignor is trade agent or charitable organization[0.5秒]the levy or exemption field could be left blank, all taxes could be fully exempted.   6. Prohibition and restriction management of mask export Currently, the Ministry of Commerce doesn’t set any requirements of trade control, the Chinese customs also doesn’t have any requirements of Port inspection of regulatory documents for protective materials.   7. Specification of Mask Export Declaration The declaration of mask export should fill in commodity name and ingredient content as requested by the standard declaration requirements. If the mask is not made in China, the country of origin is filled in according to the actual country of production.   8. Tax Refund of Mask Export The tax refund rate of mask export is 13%   9. U.S. companies could apply to additional tariff exclude of mask import, but only a few companies are currently exempt. The list of companies could be checked on U.S. Trade Representative Office website.   10. Guarantee of Mask Fast Customs Clearance When mask export faces the problems, such as single window system failure, could contact the on-site customs to take emergency measures, or dial the hotline 12360 for further consulting.    

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