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Door To Door Service From China Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Plan – Oujian

1.Too many logistics companies to contact 2.Poor communication between the overseas logistics company and the domestic logistics company 3.Obstacles in language 4.Too many procedures to follow 5.Yet, problems comes up and the whole process out of control 1.Integrated Solutions incl. warehousing management, transportation & distribution, financing & information services. 2.One-stop supply chain services between China and other parts of the world, between foreign countries, and foreign import and export, air, sea, land, rail, customs, overseas warehouses and domestic trade agents 3.Service type: Logistics between China and international countries, logistics between foreign countries, and local logistics abroad 4.Types of transportation: international air freight, FCL, LCL, China-Europe railway and other multi - modal transport; domestic and foreign truck land transportation, less-than-truck land transportation, barge, railway, etc.

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