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Constant Temperature To China Latest on Fighting Against Novel Coronavirus – Oujian

  Starting in January 2020, an infectious disease called "Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak " has occurred in China. As a responsible enterprise, from the first day of the outbreak, our company is taking the active response to the safety of all employees and physical health in the first place. Company leaders attach great importance to each employee registered in the case, concerned about their physical condition, living materials reserve situation of those under home quarantine, and we organized a team of volunteers to every day disinfect our factory daily, to put up a warning sign in the office area prominent location as well. Also our company is equipped with a special thermometer and disinfectant, hand sanitizer and so on. At present, our company more than 1000 employees, no one become infected, all the epidemic prevention work will continue. The Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive and stringent preventive and control measures, and we believe that China is fully capable and confident to win the battle against this epidemic. Our cooperation will also continue, all of our colleagues will be efficient production after the resumption of work, to ensure that any order is not extended, to ensure that each product can be high-quality and excellent price. This outbreak, but also let our more than 500 employees unprecedented unity, we like family to love each other, trust and help each other, we believe that this unity out of the fighting force, will be the future development of our effective driving force.

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