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China-Us Trade Tariff In China Latest on Containing Novel Coronavirus of Oujian Group – Oujian

  OUJIAN GROUP has completed 574 shipments of import anti-epidemic materials customs clearance till Feb.18th. Judging by the methods of trade: General Trade: 272 Shipments, Donations: 176 Shipments, Others Free Import / Export: 126 Shipments. Judging by the Nations: Singapore, Korea, US, Japan, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates hold the top positions, others include: Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Italy, UAE, India, Switzerland, Germany, Colombia, Spain, Qatar, Sweden, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Vietnam, France. Judging by the categories of import materials: 23018042 Masks, 489515 Protective Suits and 62883 Googles.   Coronavirus Prevention, Oujian in Action 1.Epidemic Prevention and Control Services Leading Group was established on Jan 25th, Chairman Mr. Ge Jizhong held a conference call, which for discussing how to support Wuhan novel coronavirus prevention, finally we decided to establish an Epidemic Prevention and Control Services Leading Group, president, Mr. He Bin was pointed as the leader of this group. We will provide the professional and efficient customs clearance service for the people who need to donate. 2.Provide the Free Customs Clearance Service for Anti-Epidemic Materials 1) Quickly devote ourselves into the customs clearance work of anti-epidemic materials. Oujian Group actively exercised the influence in customs clearance industry. Shanghai Xinhai Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd. (the biggest subsidiaries of Oujian) cooperate other subsidiaries of Oujian Group provide the free customs clearance service for donations imported from Shanghai port which were used for Wuhan Coronavirus prevention immediately. Oujian Group is one of the first batch in this industry to provided the free service. 2) Oujian Group complied “Preparations for Import of Donations”, published the “Guidance on Import and Customs Clearance of Anti - Novel Corona-virus Materials”, Oujian also step up many Wechat Discussion Groups, which established a communication platform for Wuhan Customs and overseas donor agencies and enterprises. 3) Shanghai Xinhai Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd.  regarded as the service provider which was designated by Shanghai Customs for subsequent tax reduction and exemption procedures, and provides free services for enterprises. 4) During the Spring Festival, the marketing department will answer the customs clearance hotline for donated materials. As of February 13, a total of 414 consultation calls were received, of which 171 were donated materials and 243 were used by enterprises.    5) The marketing department publicized the free customs clearance service, more than 28 articles were published by marketing department till Feb 13th. On Feb 4th, the Dragon TV and Shanghai Television Station reported a news: The first batch of overseas donated materials completed the customs clearance which are operated by Xinhai at Shanghai Port. On Feb 13th, Shanghai Television Station reported Xinhai helped a batch of mask which were donated by St. Petersburg from Russia to complete the customs clearance. 1.Donation Activities Oujian Group donated 100,000 CNY to the "Special Epidemic. Prevention and Control" Fund of the Red Cross Society of Yangpu District. 2.Provide Assistance to Government Oujian Group submitted 2 reports to government, provide the data of import anti-coronavirus materials, and proposed to the government six suggestions of how to assist enterprises.