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Cargo Import In China Foreign Trade – Oujian

1.Meat (swine, beef, lamb; fresh, frozen) 2.Seafood (fresh, frozen) 3.Fruits 4.Pre- packaged food 5.Dairy products 6.Alcohol 7.Olive oil 8.Flowers 9.Software 10.Gold jewelry and Gems 1.One-stop service of safe, efficient and value-added foreign trade agency and customs clearance 2.Payment with foreign currency in 24 hours, including USD, JPY, EUR, HKD, etc. 3.Smooth customs clearance process at major ports in China 1.Safety, efficiency and value-added services 2.Payment can be arranged within three working days after receiving the remittance from clients 3.Issuing L/C within 3-5 working days 4.Integrated services of foreign trade, logistics, customs clearance, etc. 5.Experience in serving Fortune 500 customers for more than 10 years, familiar with customs policies, import and export regulations and operational procedures

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