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Best Cosmetics Ecommerce Assist WESTAR to Complete Donations Customs Clearance – Oujian

On February 15th, the Anti-epidemic Service Customs Clearance Team of Oujian Group helped WESTAR (a Chinese association in America) to provide free customs clearance services for the epidemic prevention materials. The materials will be donated to the Charity Federation of Hubei Province and provided to 5 hospitals in Hubei Province for epidemic prevention and control. After receiving the customs clearance tasks for the donated materials, the Anti-epidemic Service and Customs Service team worked together to quickly understand the customs policies. When the team became aware that Shanghai Customs had opened a Green Channel for anti-coronavirus materials, they have informed this association what kinds of documents are needed, before the anti-epidemic materials have been shipped from the United States.

Mr. Wu Tengtao, the manager of the Air Transport Branch of the Customs Clearance Division, said in an interview: "When the plane landed, the goods were put in storage, and the warehouse receipt was sent, we made a declaration. From sending to releasing the notice, we only took one hour. " Subsequently, the batch of materials was quickly delivered by the logistics company to the forefront of the epidemic in a dedicated way, achieving "no-wait" target which for overseas surviving materials and opening up the international logistics artery. A total of 1,716 protective clothing, 390 surgical jackets, 2,500 surgical masks, and 110 goggles and N95 masks totaled 98 cases.