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Best Cargo Import Oujian Group Provides Free Customs Clearance and Consulting Channels for Donors – Oujian

On Jan. 28th., Oujian Group, with the active help of Shanghai Customs and PVG Customs, completed a batch of customs clearance and foreign trade services for 2,317 N95 masks sent from the United States promptly. In order to ensure accurate and efficient docking of medical resources at home and abroad and unimpeded entry of rescue materials, Oujian used its overseas logistics network and abundant domestic and foreign supplier resources to give full play to the advantages of digitalization and Internet, actively allocate resources from all parties in relevant departments. ensure smooth customs clearance and transportation of rescue materials, and provide one-stop services. Oujian Group will spare no effort to provide agency customs clearance and logistics services for donations imported from Shanghai ports for Novel Coronavirus, if you have donations of epidemic prevention materials that need customs clearance and logistics services, please contact us: Tel:+86  400 920 1505; Email: info@oujian.net