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Export Guideline of Anti-Epidemic Materials from CHINA

Attention:There is no ban on the export of masks from China at present!   1. General Trade   According to the different classification of masks, business units shall have corresponding qualifications before exporting, so as to avoid being imposed administrative punishment by relevant departments due to out of scope operation, which will bring risks to the business operation of enterprises. At the same time, according to the relevant provisions of the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices, the domestic enterprises exporting medical devices shall ensure that the medical devices they export meet the requirements of the importing country (region), so it is recommended to keep in touch with the consignees abroad to avoid being returned because they do not meet the requirements of other countries.   2. Donation Export   First of all, it is supposed to make clear the definition of donated export materials: materials directly used for poverty alleviation, disaster relief and public welfare undertakings donated by domestic donors to overseas countries for the purpose of poverty alleviation, charity and disaster relief. The basic medical drugs, basic medical devices, medical books and materials that are directly used to treat the diseases of the extremely poor patients or the local diseases in the poverty-stricken areas, as well as the basic medical and health care and public environmental health are included in the material scope of poverty alleviation and charity public welfare undertakings, so the donors with relevant resources can ship in this way.   3. Aid Materials   For the goods and materials that are free aid and presented by the state or international organizations, they need to obtain the corresponding approval and then be allowed to export according to the aid materials. At present, the masks do not involve any customs supervision conditions, and do not need to go through other relevant procedures.   Domestic freight forwarder For Sale: Only when there is a medical device business license and the right of import and export within the scope of business, can it be exported.  VS Domestic freight forwarder For Give away/Agent Purchasing: we need to provide the relevant qualification certificates of the purchasing manufacturers or the domestic manufacturers of the company when exporting the same as we need to provide 3 certificates (business license, product medical device record certificate , manufacturer inspection report) to ensure the quality of the mask when we import.   4. HS Code Reference   Surgical mask, Non-woven fabrics HS CODE:6307 9000 00   N95 mask, The protective effect of the mask is higher than that of the surgical mask, which is essentially made of non-woven fabric HS CODE:6307 9000 00   Common liquid soap, It is mainly made up of surfactant and conditioner, and has a washing product for cleaning skin. This kind of hand sanitizer has surfactant and needs to be washed with water. HS CODE:3401 3000 00   Disinfection and wash free (hand sanitizer), It is mainly composed of ethanol, which can kill bacteria without cleaning. Usage: spray on hands for disinfection. HS CODE:3808 9400   Protective clothing, - Made of Non-woven HS CODE:6210 1030 -Made of plastic HS CODE:3926 2090   Forehead thermometer, Use infrared to measure body temperature HS CODE:9025 1990 10   Protective goggles HS CODE:9004 9090 00   5. Q&A   Q: Is it possible to export donated materials without certificates? A:No, the export of donated materials can neither be exempted from the license nor from the customs clearance form for export goods. So it is supposed to pay attention when HS of export goods involves these.   Q: Can the export of goods donated by people abroad be declared as goods donated by way of trade? A:No, it shall be declared free of charge according to other import and export regulations.

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